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A Guide To Our Clients In Personal Injury Cases

One of the most important things you can do to help us with your case is to keep good records. We will be depending on you to send to us all medical bills you receive and any insurance policies or important papers that you think might help us with your case. We may also need copies of your income tax returns for the last three years. Be sure that we get a list of the names and addresses of anyone who was or might have been a witness to your injury. This information can come only from you and we are counting on your help.

I. DOCTORS Your doctor is interested solely in your physical well-being. It is not necessary to discuss your legal problems with him. If your doctor should ask whether you have an attorney,tell him the truth, but don't volunteer this information unless asked. Long discussions with your doctor about the worth of your legal case may lead him to believe that you are more concerned with monetary recovery than you are with the restoration of your health (which can hurt your case).

II. TELEPHONE CALLS You may, from time to time, receive telephone calls that are suspicious and anonymous in nature inquiring where you might be reached, where you are employed etc. If possible, obtain the name and address of the person calling. Then, discontinue the conversation and immediately call your attorney.

You will probably, at some time, be contacted by telephone, or personally, by an insurance claims adjuster, the Retail Credit Bureau, or other persons who will readily identify themselves and will try to talk to you about your injury, the progress of your case or simply your personal affairs. You are under absolutely no obligation to disclose any information to anyone without the advice and consent of your attorney.Certain legal traps can easily be set by asking what are seemingly innocent questions. Also, don't forget that telephone conversations can be recorded and actions by you can be recorded on tape and on film. In our experience, some insurance companies actually take movies of our clients doing home repairs, working, and generally going about their business.

Don't be ashamed to do all that you can do under your doctor's advice, but do not exaggerate or minimize those things to your attorneys. We need to know exactly what you can and can not do, since it may be the subject of a surprise move.

You will inevitably find that everybody knows somebody who has been through exactly what you are going through-or have been through it themselves - and are more than willing to advise you even to the extent of giving you off-the-cuff legal counsel. It is wise to caution the members of your family or your close friends that your case is very private business and is not to be entered into public discussion. Always call this office for the answer to any question you have about your case.

Be sure to report immediately any change of address or telephone number to this office. We may, from time to time, receive word on your case which needs to be relayed to you and requires prompt action or decision on your part. Don't leave town for long periods of time without letting us know where you can be reached.

In your case, as a practical matter, you should seek employment that your doctor says you are reasonably and physically able to do. Many cases are lost because the jury felt that the client should have looked for work and didn't or because the client did more actual work than he indicated he could do. However, when applying for any employment, you should never be dishonest about the fact that you have been injured or that you are in top physical condition. This could be very detrimental to your case. Discuss this with us and be open-minded about our advice regarding future employment.

If your injury is of a very serious nature and you find that you may be disabled for as much as one year, chances are you may be eligible for government benefits. But, be sure to consult with us before taking any steps in this direction as this may have a direct effect on your case.

Be careful to go over with us any claim forms you wish to submit on health or accident insurance which you may carry at the time of your injury. Don't ever sign any papers regarding your physical condition or insurance benefits without letting us check them. Bring us any papers you receive from insurance companies or adjusters.

If, at any time, you are served with a summons or any type of notice by a sheriff's deputy or constable, bring it to our office immediately.

Should a situation arise where you might question what you should say, where you should go, or even what you should wear, if in doubt, call us

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