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Accident Checklist

Print and keep this in your car in case of an accident.
Stop your car Leaving the scene of an accident without stopping may subject
yourself to criminal prosecution. Leave your vehicle as close to the accident scene
without blocking traffic.
Aid the injured Give first aid, if you are qualified, then call an ambulance.
Protect the scene Do not allow your vehicle to obstruct traffic. Turn on your
hazard lights or use road flares.
Call the police A police report of the accident will help your insurance claim
and any liability claims.
Exchange insurance and driver's information with the other party

As best as you can at the scene, try to obtain the following information and gather up your own, so that you can have everything neccessary for that first initial consultation.

Date and time that the accident occurred.
Weather and street conditions.
Location of the accident. (street, cross street, city)
The names of the all persons involved in the accident and what role each person took in the accident.
The make, model , year and license number of your automobile.
The make, model, year and license number of the other person's automobile.
Was a police report taken at the scene? If yes, what was the name of the investigating agency.
The type and extent of damage caused to all persons and property as a result of this accident.
Your insurance information including:
the name of the insurance company along with the policy number and location of the insurance company.
Other person's insurance information including: the name of the insurance company, and policy number.
The name and any other information about each person who witnessed the accident.
If an ambulance, paramedic, fire department or other medical personnel arrive on the scene, who was it
and what action did they take.
The detailed, chronological order of everything that happened leading up to the accident.
Description in specific detail of the way this accident occurred.
Description in specific detail of everything that took place from the time of this accident until you left the scene.
Anything that was said by any person at the scene of the accident regarding what happened or who was at fault.

Do not admit responsibility Things that you say at the accident scene may be used
against you in a court of law.
File an accident report with the DMV California DMV requires that an accident report must be filed if it involved personal injury or at least $500 in property damage.
See your doctor Seek proper medical attention immediately.

Notify your insurance agent Most insurance companies require that you notify them of any accident.

Call your attorney Contact your attorney as soon as possible after the accident if you
are considering making a claim for damages or if you expect a claim for damages
to be brought against you.

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